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We supply Brass Neutral Links, Neutral bars, earth bars, Brass terminals, electrical busbars, cnc turned parts, binding screws posts screw machine parts, Brass pins electrical pins sockets ,Brass Terminal Blocks to leading switchgear and electrical companies of the world.

We also have CNC machines which can offer high quality finishing and close tolerances on all types of earth bars and Brass neutral links that we produce. Our range of Brass neutral links and earth bars is made on high end Japanese machines and is machined with good control on tapped holes and threads with a tolerance control of plus or - 0.05mm in hole pitch and +/- 0.03mm in length.

Our speciality is Neutral bars, earth terminals, Brass binding screws posts, terminal bars, Brass binder screws book screws, Din 85 Pan head screws, Brass CNC parts precision CNC turned machined components, DIN 934 hex nuts, washers DIN 125 Flat washers, DIN 933 hex bolts, Brass Components, Bronze clamps, Stainless Steel fittings, Brass Turned parts, hex set screws, machine screws etc. We also offer custom made CNC Components and bespoke electrical terminals and neutral links / earth bars.

Neutral Bars Brass